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Positivity Challenge, Day 1

Here's the idea: for five days in a row, list three positives. It can be about you, your life, people, the world. Just list 'em. Anyone who wants to play along is welcome. If you do decide to play please leave me a comment so I can follow along. (h/t to catya for the prompt.)

1. Kids/School/September. Both kids have much earlier morning schedules for school this year and I was anticipating that the day after Labor Day would see much angst and morning struggles. So far, no such have emerged. We did have an early wake-up Monday because Thing 1 (despite my prompting him three times on Sunday) did not correctly assemble his schoolwork and needed the computer unlocked so work could be printed for that morning. But even on the day when Thing 2 overslept he managed to cope. This is beyond awesome.

2. Dog! We're coming up on a year of having a dog, my first ever, and it's still a fantastic thing. She's clearly adopted us, loves at us, and fits in so well with our family it's amazing. We're even making progress on some of the problematic behaviors.

3. Back. This year has been a really bad one for my back, going back to Jan/Feb. I've tried meds, PT, chiro, and more meds. I am making slow progress and have had my pain levels down to just a 2 the last week or so, which has prompted me to discontinue the 4x daily naprosyn I usually take. I'm more sore and twinge-y (yes, it's a word; I just made it so) since Sunday but I'm getting along. Slow healing is slow, but at least it's healing and not getting worse.
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