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Positivity Challenge, Day 2

Same deal, second day of five. Write three positive things. If you want to play along I'd love a comment telling me so.

1. Dad. My dad's coming to visit again, roughly for Rosh Hashona. He pops up for a weekend visit a couple times a year. He's very mellow, very self-sufficient, and it makes me very happy that he is getting time with his grandkids. I loved my Grandpa but only got to see him for a week in the summer and occasional holidays. My dad's health is not great (he has post-polio syndrome) and someday he won't be able to make these trips. I don't expect the kids to fall over themselves in appreciation but someday in the future I hope they can look back fondly on these visits.

2. Car. Last night I took intuition_ist for a brief drive while she was over for a visit. Listing the car's virtues (mileage, handling) helped me realize that I'm basically very happy with my choice here. We probably could have gone all the way from Eastern MA to Niagara Falls on one tank of gas. Even in stop-and-go street traffic I can easily exceed 30 MPG. The car is also roomy and handles two kids+dog for short trips and two kids + lots of baggage for longer drives. It's a great family car and I'm hoping it'll last me another 10 years.

3. MSF/Doctors Without Borders. An organization I've supported for years and am a regular contributor to. They're the only ones I see going in full bore to fight this Ebola outbreak. They have the local cred to work with people who need on-the-ground help, and the global reach to coordinate across national boundaries. I'm not paranoid enough to think that we're going to see a major outbreak in local vicinity but I do see a huge danger to the people of the countries currently affected and I'm glad there's someplace I can put my money and feel like it's having a real effect.
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