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Positivity Challenge, Day 3

Day three of five. Day 1 and Day 2.

1. Opportunities. Regardless of things going well or going badly, I am always happier when there are opportunities and options. Lots of this is due to my own privilege and good fortune but it still helps me keep a positive outlook to think about opportunities I have or that might come my way. Lack of them, of course, has the opposite effect but right now I'm hoping for new opportunities and trying to stay positive about them.

2. Dinners out. I love eating out, trying new places. It's my preferred "date" activity and I often despair at the fact so many places are so loud you can't enjoy reading a book or having a conversation with the people at the same table as you. Still, I am happy that I've found new places to try near me (Union Square in particular has been a destination) and that I have a chance to try new places when I travel.

3. Giving talks. My workplace has me doing three talks in seven days, the first of which was yesterday. It went well, generally. I spend a lot of time prepping my talks and I'm happy when people get engaged with what I'm saying and give me good feedback. It's very draining but very rewarding. I keep thinking I should poke at Adjuncting again now that I'm working for a place that doesn't have a "no outside employment" restriction.
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