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Positivity Challenge, Day 5(ish)

I blame travel and busyness and business and the fact that I generally don't do LJ on weekends. Sorry if I've disappointed either of my fans. Listing three positives for day five of five. Day 4 (which will link you backward to earlier entries).

taura_g: Sometimes I think the worst thing about our relationship is that we don't have a good word for what we are to each other. She's called me "boyfriend" for a long time and I'm slowly getting comfortable with the idea that "girlfriend" doesn't either trivialize the emotional components of our relationship, or imply that we're sort of temporary/casual about things. We've been growing together, struggling over bumps and difficulties, trying to find more time and space and activities we want to do. And that's probably the best part - we're committed to trying, to putting energy and effort and love and understanding in. (OK, now that I've thought about it more I think the worst thing about our relationship is that we haven't worked out good ways to be in each other's company more often.)

sweetmmeblue: Writing as someone who's vastly uncertain about the notion of "soul" I'm sort of congenitally allergic to the notion of "soulmates." That said, I cannot imagine anyone better suited than Pygment to being with the odd collection of warts, angles, and general cantankerousness that is me. That we found each other is a tale of epic coincidence and insane foolishness. That we got together is nothing short of a miracle in itself. That we've remained together is a testament to discarding coincidence and miracle in favor of a lot of frakking hard work. The only uncertain part about this positivity is that I can't be certain whether I'm more positive about the two of us or the fact that the two of us are raising a family together.

Possibilities: One of my favorite quotes from the classic-Trek movies is Kirk, quoting Spock: "There are always... possibilities." It's the pause that makes it. When I'm feeling trapped, or cornered (two of the feelings I like least; hi, I'm a control freak) I often hear that phrase in Spock's voice. Knowing there are possibilities gives me the incentive to try and plan for them and once I've made plans, well, there's nothing good about a plan you don't at least try, right? The notion of possibilities is one I can use to get myself from zero to one and I always find the gap between zero and one to be larger than the gap between one and two.
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