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Throw your funky hands in the sky (music)

OK, right, Friday. Lots of music tabs to close so hold on tight. The first section is heavily funkalicious; the second group are remixes of favorite tunes.

If more aerobics classes had soundtracks like this I might do some. It's Father Funk doing 37 minutes of funktastic remixes. It's all here: phat horns, electro-fuzzy bass lines, and solid beats. Oh, yeah, and free downloads.

Don't sit down just yet - Loo & Placido have another funk-dancing mix for you. This one is largely a Duck Sauce remix but it's got all kinds of goodness. It starts off fast, builds for a couple minutes, then has a nice brass + vocals interlude in the middle before thundering off again.

Oh yeah. Sexy, sweaty, core funk. This is why I first started listing to Groovelectric many years ago and I love when he comes back to his roots. There's so much to like here but my favorite bit is definitely the Beatangers' "Get Up Everybody." Unfortunately it's not online (except a randomly chopped sample) so I can't link it for you, but if you can piece it out of this mix you can get it on Beatport.

This is "No Man No Cry" from Oliver Koletzki (who is German so most of the info I could find on him is not something I can directly read). I like the track and it's a great example of how modern music is still being influenced by funk. This track also has some heavy electro-disco and obvious 90s-era electro-pop influences, but that's not always a bad thing.


OK switching gears now

Sedrah (or Se3drah) brings a very modern take on the classic "Jump Around", largely by mashing it up with another classic, the Chemical Brothers' "Galvanize". This ought to be a trainwreck, but it works surprisingly well, bouncing back and forth between the two sources.

I could have sworn I was All Done(tm) with Adele remixes. Not that they're bad - it's just that when she burst into popularity you couldn't turn around without stumbling over three remixes and two mash-ups. This one is using her popular "Rolling in the Deep" but mashes it with the Alan Parsons Project. If you have no idea who that was, well, you're not as old as I am. Suffice it to say Alan Parsons and his partner created some of the weirdest and artiest output of the prog rock genre. Rems79 uses the Adele vocals over Parsons electronica in a stroke of genius.

Speaking of things I was Done With, here's Rems79 again with a Mackelmore mash. Except it's using Queen's legendary "We Will Rock You". It's almost like a cover version, very true to the original vocals, but with this unusual backing track.

Another Loo & Placido entry, this one falls on this side of the divide because it's built around AC/DC's awesome "Thunderstruck," which is one of those great tunes I never seem to get tired of hearing. (If you're like me, check this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2AC41dglnM - a vid that went up a couple years ago of a 1991 AC/DC performance of the tune; man, they were young back then!)
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