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Holding my nose

I'm almost certainly going to hold my nose and vote for Coakley for governor. Polls have shown her in a dead heat with the Republican, whom I dislike even more. WBUR's polls show Baker gaining ground with my demographics (white, older male, unenrolled). [deleted erroneous attribution.] Generally, I do not like the way Coakley has used the power of her office.

I wish I could like Baker more. But he seems too cut from the same mold as Scott Brown, playing populist anti-tax notes while still pandering to big moneyed interests. Basically, he smells like weasel to me. And I'm genuinely afraid he'd take his pro-charter stance all the way into attacking schools and teachers. Coakley's no winner on this issue either, but I don't believe she'd be willing to scapegoat teachers the way I think Baker would.
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