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OK right, about that music thing

Here, courtesy of a cancelled meeting, are the music links I didn't get a chance to post last time. Three collections and three individual tracks. First up, the collections...

I sometimes poke at Soundcloud's "recommended" feature. Basically, this lets an artist select things by other artists that they think you'll like. Kind of a curated set of recommendations. Herewith, DeeM & Mister Nono's recommended list. Several good things on here, but for me the winner is the Paolo Monti "Black Betty" (https://soundcloud.com/djpaolomonti/oliver-jimi-jules-vs-ram-jam-pushing-on-black-betty-paolo-monti-masup-2014) mash, just edging out the other Black Betty mash, DJ Tripp's "Funky Party Starter". Or maybe not - I really like the Daft Punk bits that Tripp uses as well. Let me know what you think!

I haven't linked as much DJ Schmolli in past years as I used to, but he's still hard at work. This is his self-selected "best mashups" of the year page. I still think his output is uneven, and the material on Pirate Nation is better, but it's interesting to listen to what he picked to represent himself.

Another solid mix from DJ Steveboy, mostly tribal/tech house but with nice variation and Steveboy's own touch on several of the tracks. There's no single highlight for this mix in my estimation, but there are several points where I stopped and thought "oh, that's nice".

And now, assuming you want something shorter to listen to...

DJ Energy pulls together a fun banger with several interesting change-ups. It's "Changed the way you kiss me" with a driving beat, some fast-rapping lyrics, and some great builds and drops. This is the kind of thing I'd put into the middle of a set - it never loses energy but it's got enough relaxed bits and bridges that you won't wipe out dancing to it.

I sometimes think Soundcloud reads my blog because right after I made a comment about Adele mash-ups I got three new ones. Of the three this one is worth reposting - it's Elias Dogantzis mashing Adele with Astral Blast and it really works well. Her vocals against a stronger musical backing, very danceable.

And finally, here's a Dutch DJ who goes as lizzart mashing my all-time favorite Rihanna tune against old-school Kiss guitar thrash. This is similar to what got me listening to DJ Schmolli way back when - take a fairly recent pop tune and put it (particularly the vocals) against some classic head-banging metal. Excuse me, I'll be in my bunk.
Tags: deem & mister nono, dj energy, dj schmolli, dj tripp, elias dogantzis, lizzart, music, paolo monti
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