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We Saw Glitch Mob and Danced Our Asses Off

Got to see Glitch Mob again, at House of Blues. We got seats for this one, which meant we could sit through the lamentably loud and awful opening acts and still have plenty of room to stand and dance for the Mob.

The show we saw back in March was basically the same material as this time around and the things that were good about that show were good again. Being on tour for most of a year has helped them tighten up their performance - they were much smoother at handing off to each other this time; they did more improvised bits, too. They did less of the spontaneous drumming than they did last time, but threw in a couple more remixes and extended mixes of their tunes so the set ran about 1h45 with no breaks. That's a lot of energy, and a lot of fun.

They also did a really good job with the sound, so I was able to take out my earplugs for much of the set and enjoy. The opening acts - though different from last time - were so monotonously bad that I actually downloaded a db meter app for my phone to check if damage was being done. Fortunately the only damage was the time that was wasted waiting for Glitch Mob to come on, and they are worth the wait.
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