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I need music

*expletive deleted* open office plan is *expletive deleted* noisy. I'm getting new high-quality noise-cancelling headphones ASAP. Much better sounds below:

InanimateMashups, an anonymous Soundcloud-based mashup artist, has a thing for mashing pop with pop and coming up with interesting new combinations. This is a fun combination of Maroon 5's "Animals" (a disturbingly creepy stalker tune if ever I heard one) and Fall Out Boy's "Centuries" (which itself has the recognizable sample from "Tom's Diner").

I do not recall ever hearing a John Lee Hooker mash, which is a shame. His tracks, including the "Boom Boom" that is used here, have been widely sampled. DRA'man has used the Black Keys' "Lonely Boy" vocals as fronting, but kept a fair amount of Hooker's vocals. This track works because the original track is so strong - one of the best early blues-influenced rock tunes.

Since I've decided to wander back into remixes of tunes that I had burned out on, I found this Titanium mash by DJ Paolo Monti. It's using Michael Hutchence's vocals from "Need You Tonight" and at first I wasn't that happy with how it sounds sped up and given the nu-disco touch, but it's an interesting choice, and very different from either original.

This one is mostly for Elton John fans - I note it as another artist who is rarely mashed up. DJ Paulo Monti again, doing John's "Your Song" with the instrumentals from Passenger's "Let Her Go." This is a bit of nostalgia for me and it's fun to hear how the strings are mixed in.

Coyote Kisses are an electronica duo that were pointed out to me by Pygment. The track she found was a little too heavy wub for my taste, but that sent me off to find more. The first track, "Black Cat" is a pretty straight-up electro-dance track for most of it, but the middle has interesting aural/ambient interludes before dropping back down to standard beats.

The second one is "Six Shooter", which is a more standard heavy pop tune, with a decent helping of dub and electro sounds on top of the expected drums-guitar-vocals mixing. Nothing really exceptional going on here, but fun to listen to.

Saving the best for last, here is 75 minutes of Mashup Germany's "Deep Exception", a collection of deep house tracks from the mash-up master himself. It's delightful and like a lot of deep house, it's laden with interesting vocal samples. Unfortunately there's no tracklist yet so it's hard for me to pick out particular favorites to recommend to you. Just listen.
Tags: coyote kisses, dj paolo monti, dra'man, inanimatemashups, mashup germany, music
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