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I am rapidly accumulating tabs (music)

Two meeting cancellations - let's try to close out some of these.

Right, Lorde has a new single out, which is apparently on the new Hunger Games' movie soundtrack. When I found out she existed last year I remarked that her sound showed talent, but a heavy production hand. You can still hear that production work here, but it's in service of a musically interesting tune, with interesting tempo variation. I would very much like to hear her do this tune live - if you listen to the sustain on "me..." around 2:45 it's clear they've cleaned up a good deal. I still think she could absolutely blow the roof off, but this tune is much more subdued.

The second link is an official "rework" of the tune by Kanye West. I think I like it better than the original. It's more of a torch-singa feel, slowed down into slinky and sensual ranges, and most of the tempo changes are discarded in favor of deep slow beats and choral fillers. Give it a listen.

I thought I had blogged Bootleggers Music before now but it seems not. This is kind of a show-off track in which they've taken a single track (Macklemore & Lewis's "Can't Hold Us") and mashed it with a series of 11 other tracks, many of which you'll recognize as pop favorites. It's not precisely a mega-mash because the track doesn't vary or weave the source tunes the way most mega-mashes do, but it's an interesting demonstration of the "you can mash anything" principle.

Luke DB has an interesting A|B mash between Bel Amour's "Bel Amour" - a relatively forgettable disco-heavy tune from 2008 - and Jozsef Keller's "Day Muzik", a recent nu-disco track. Luke has managed to do a good job of pulling out all the weak synth stuff from these tracks and replacing it with a hard house beat. The result shows some nice vocal bridges and is much more danceable.

This is another experimental track that I thought was worth noting. Danihel puts together an interesting six-minute mix showing off a set of what I think of as "dj standard" mix tropes. I started off not liking this track much but it gets better as it goes along.

"The Sickness" is one of those songs that's nearly perfect for mashing and this track is one of the more innovative uses of the source I've heard. MixmsterStel 2 uses the Disturbed a capella over audio from the new Fergie single "L.A.Love", which is pretty much necessary because otherwise you'd have to listen to Fergie and we don't want that.

Closing out this post with a question - what do y'all make of this one? Luca Rubino has been doing pop mashes that I haven't bothered to blog and this one is the new Calvin Harris "Blame" with the classic "Eye of the Tiger". I'm not sure I like Eye sped up this much but it's interesting. I think the original Calvin Harris tune has some interesting riffs but it's a bit repetitive (pop, yeah, I know). Someone is going to do something interesting with this source material; I'm just not sure Rubino has it pegged.
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