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Yes, exactly, Senator Murphy


Senator Chris Murphy of CT (*) put out this video of his brief appearance on the Rachel Maddow show in which he reiterates his call to President Obama to put the matter of US military response to IS(IS/IL) in front of Congress and get authorization.

Murphy makes the point I've been yammering about for years (particularly in regards to filibusters lately) that the party in power now is not always going to be the party in power and you must govern for the future. The Senator is a liberal Democrat who has largely supported Obama, but he has the foresight to recognize that we made rules and laws to apply over time and short-sighted political maneuvering is only going to end up costing more in the long run.

I did not approve of Reagan's or Bush's unauthorized military ventures, and I opposed their election and their party. I do not approve of Obama's unauthorized military ventures, despite my voting for him and his party. The Constitution rightly vests war-making power with Congress - no matter how much despised they may be - and Presidents ought to bloody well take a look at that oath they swore and follow it.

(*) Full disclosure: I contributed money to Senator Murphy's latest election campaign, which is why I'm on his email list.
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