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Short week, post music early (1 of 2)

It's a little like "eat dessert first". I'm continuing to rack up interesting, if not great, tabs and I know I won't be taking time out at the end of the week for this, so here we go. There are so many tabs at this point I'll break it into two posts for easier digestion. Bum rush the show!

Public Enemy 2.0 is back. This particular track isn't that great - it's rough lyrically and there's nothing much backing it up. But PE was always strongest in my mind when they were addressing important political and social issues and this "Yo!" heads straight for that territory. From Ferguson to racist bloggers, PE point to the issues that need attention and show that they've moved into the 21st century (net neutrality riffs anyone?).

This Luca Rubino four-way mash is much more dance-club standard than the pop mashes I've posted from him before. It is a good mash, with decent energy and a steady beat, but no real surprises. Just nice to see what else Rubino can do.

C.d.m. aka c. d. mashes aka Connor McCreadle gives us a nice A|B mash, using Eminem vocals and some really rockin' audio from Epistra Beats. Epistra (http://www.epistra.com/) is itself an interesting entity, a collective licensing company that exists to put out beats specifically for use in mashes. A fascinating idea. So here's this mash and it's Eminem. I run hot and cold on him - he can be an annoying piece of sh*t but he can also sling some amazing words. Here I think the words are good and the combination with the Epistra backing is excellent.

EricXen did this mash about a year ago and it recently re-appeared on Mashup Radio where I ran into it. It teeters on the edge of trainwreck, partly because it's kind of sped up and frantic, but there aren't a lot of good Eurythmics mashes these days so I wanted to note this one as a decent attempt. I don't think adding the Missy Elliot vocals to it works as well as it should - what do you guys think?

DRA'man brings us a very different sound from last time. This is a French-infused heavy metal mash built on Hollywood Undead's "Apologize", a stomping metal-influenced hip-hop rap, and Trust's "Antisocial" which is very old-school metal. So if you're in the mood for metal, here you go.
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