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An LJ problem - what do you guys suggest?

I've bumped up against a limit of LJ I didn't know existed - you can't have more than X tags (where I think X = 1000).

What? You say, that's crazy. How can you have 1k tags? Well, I blame mizarchivist who, about five years ago, convinced me to start tagging my music posts. This is SUPER convenient, since I can easily go back and see where I've talked about a particular band or artist and compare how they sounded back then to now. I have lots of music stories in there, too.

According to LJ I have 238 posts now tagged "music." If you figure that each entry mentions up to five artists then you can see how I'd easily bump up against the limit, even with repetitions. I've bought myself a little time by eliminating some duplicates and unused tags as well as normalizing names (is it "KLF" or "the KLF" or "K.L.F." for example). But this is a problem I don't see a way around. Even upgrading to a paid LJ account would not (I think) get me more tags.

The vast majority of those tags are used only once. I could, in theory, cull those. Lord knows many of the URLs are dead nowadays. But each of them marks a thing that caught my ear at some point and I can't inherently tell which ones are going to come back. I'm pretty sure I'll never blog another Dan Balan track again, but it was such an excellent story I don't want to lose it.

So I'm at a crossroads here and not sure what to do. Seeking advice.
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