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Dear Universe

Change is changey.

Stress is stressy.

I would love to stop being bombarded by "BUY ALL THE THINGS" emails.

I would also like to be able to sleep more than five hours at a stretch. This may be related to the above.

On the plus side (because comma dammit I am not going to wallow in the negatives):
We discovered the water heater problem before it exploded all over the place.

I have a job that lets me afford unexpected big house expenses

We managed to make progress on things (where by "we" I mostly mean Pygment). Some of the wood is split and stacked. The tub is cleared and refilled and ought to be balanced by tonight. The garage mess is slightly more sorted and consolidated. Kids' summer camps (inorite isn't it insane to be doing this now?) is largely sorted out.

There was D&D and it was good despite my being grossly unprepared.

Thing 2 is still basically an awesome kid despite the days of fighting and going off the rails AGAIN.

Thanksgiving went OK. Hearing the stories of folk who were without power for multiple days makes me even more thankful.
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