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My Arisia schedule

The Internet Hate Train: Moving Past Gamergate - Sat 5:30 PM

I think I've firmed up what I want to say, but I need to know how the moderator wants things to go. I see they've added another male-sounding name; looking at his Twitter feed gives me some hope.

Poly 301: When the Sh*t Hits the Fan - Sat 7:00 PM (mod)

With Wifey. It will be interesting. I have some definite ideas here. I hope the audience come to participate - this is going to be a sharing panel, not a definitive-statements panel.

Photographing Costumes and Conventions - Sat 8:30 PM

This one has a great set of panelists I know, but somehow I didn't realize it was adjacent to the other two. That appears to be a change from previous. This means that cocktails in the bar would be later than I had planned and getting dinner would be tricky as hell. I might see if I can drop this one in favor of something else.

Games as Interactive Literature - Sun 4:00 PM (mod)

This is a rerun topic from last year, but with all new panelists so we should be able to focus on different things this time. This will rise or fall on the quality of the panelists, none of whom I know.

Poly Parenting - Mon 10:00 AM (mod)

Good people, great topic, absolutely suck-ass timing. Again. What is it with Arisia and the parenting panels? Ah well, someone's gotta hold the short stick and I guess we get it again.
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