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Updates 1: the week in bullet points

Is too complicated, sum up:

--- Snow. I think someone tried to order a giant-size can of whoop-ass and got giant-sized winter instead. Starts with 'w', you can see how someone would make that mistake. The likelihood that it is going to snow more or less continuously from Saturday night until Tuesday morning depresses me severely.

-- People in the snow. Look, folks, everyone is feeling it. Your horn does not melt the ice, nor does it make my stopping distance any shorter. Plus there is no goddamn place to park so of course I'm circling slowly. I'm told that Somervillians can dial 311 to ask the city to clear parking spaces on their streets which is an awesome idea and more towns should do that.

+- Work people. It's interesting watching this culture try to pivot from insanity to "oops" to maybe sanity? We had another person's final day today, which makes 7 people I work with in some capacity who've left the company since the move in November. I'll probably blog more about work in a separate post.

++ Back pain is less. There's a lot bad you can say about Western medicine, but if what you have is fixable with a pill then boy howdy do they have some nice pills for you. I got some good ones and it's made a world of difference. There will be a back blog update at some point.

--- Brain. Someone dumped a 55-gallon drum of black sludge into my brain and it's damned hard to get anything done. Like, you know, sleep well.

++ Mindfulness. Must again give props to mzrowan who is the first person to point me at mindfulness in a way that made it click in my brain. Some of it is so counter-intuitive to the way I think that I still struggle with it. But it helps.

++ My people. You are good and helpful and see below.

+ Asking for what I need. This is still incredibly hard for me. It should be simple, and shame-free, and it is not. Whole essay here elided; maybe I'll write it some day, if only to help my own male children understand how we've tried to make growing-up-male in the early 21st century very different from growing-up-male in the second half of the 20th.

++eleventybajillion sweetmmeblue who continues to be the bestest, most awesome partner beyond what I'd ever imagined.
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