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The Needs of the Many


I admire people who can, at need, bring together coherent thoughts that summarize long interactions, how they feel, meaningfully. All I have at this moment, learning of his death, are flashes. As Spock, Leonard Nimoy first entered my child consciousness and he's been there ever since. First as the nerd's nerd, the pinnacle of logical thought. Later, as a man unafraid to change with the times. Looking back, a white man unafraid to kiss a black woman on network television. A man unafraid to show the world his admiration of fat women. A man unafraid of being captured by a role, willing to come back to it on his own terms, able to make peace with how he saw himself and how others saw him. A man whose on-screen character death could cause me to cry.

Fragments, flashes. Maybe I'll be able to say something more coherent later, but not now.
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