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Long-form listening (music)

I usually try to have five or six tracks to blog when doing a music post, but all three of the offerings below clock in at over half an hour so there's plenty to keep your ears occupied. They also represent three very different corners of my listening stream; I don't imagine anyone but me is going to like all three but maybe one or two will appeal. Anyway, enough blah-blah, on with the tunes.

B-Side, Detta, and Howla have gotten together as Ghetto Funk Crew to make this promo mix. It's half an hour of rap and hip-hop infused funk. I really like the fusion. Funk has underlain hip-hop since its early days and this style goes back to the roots. It also has some pretty reggae segments mixed in, as well as Motown-type gospel harmonies. And it's significantly lacking in the overused b* and n* words that turn me off much current hip-hop.

Ummet Ozcan is someone I used to listen to more when I first got into EDM, when he had what seemed to me a more European style. The Innerstate sets have been more standard EDM/house and less vocal, so I don't blog them much. This particular mix happened to hit me at the right time and it's got a lot of serious bangers mixed in with the lovely piano solos and electric orchestral bits.

Fissunix got together with his friends LeeDM101 and Colatron and created this double-disc of London Grammar mashes. It's musical heaven when it's at its best and not bad on a couple of what I think are filler tracks. If you've been reading me for a while now you'll not be surprised to know that I think the best tracks are those that feature Hannah Reid's voice strongly, such as the "London Hybrid" that leads off disc one. If you just want to stream the whole thing you can also listen on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/fissunix/sets/london-grammash) but the download is at this site.
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