drwex (drwex) wrote,

The state of the state

(some of this is redundant with email; some is new.)

We have had many people visiting this past weekend. I appreciate the time and support more than I can express.

Unfortunately we were not able to make minyan on Sunday night. If you are able to help with that on Wednesday or Thursday evenings please let me know.

I have not really processed this new reality. I keep talking about my mother in the present tense. I'm not too concerned about this - things will happen in their time. The best analogy for my status at the moment is this: I feel like a glass that is full to the brim with liquid. So long as nothing jostles me all is well. When I'm jostled, things... spill.

I'm focusing my "having my shit together"-ness on work and family, though Pygment has been doing an amazeballs job of managing the latter. I still can't get it together enough to plan anything much. That, too, is OK. I am managing to keep myself fed, washed, and properly dressed. I'm on a business trip for an overnight tonight and have a week-long trip next week, which consumes a ridiculous amount of planning energy but there it is.

I am, quite unabashedly, trying to remember and draw on the lessons of taura_g's processing. No schedules for grief, no shame in talking or not talking. Asking is hard, but good for me.
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