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Now let's try an update

Trying to get back in the blogging habit. Have a bit of a backlog.

This past weekend was Passover; see previous entry. The 'rents came up and it was much better than anticipated. Both my dad and step-mom are good people and I normally enjoy having them around or visiting. They each have their quirks, but who doesn't.

However, having visitors at the end of a month that included my mother's death, surprise trip to Phila to deal with same, two days work travel to New York, and a week of intense work/travel to Houston... well, I sort of wanted a break. Fortunately all went well and smoothly as it could.

Thursday I was very pleased that I finally got to give a product award to one of my minions at the quarterly meeting. This is something I've been wanting to do for about six months and I think it went over well. I'm a big believer in pushing and publicizing the work my people do and this is kind of the apex achievement my company has for that.

That night, we went to see Simon Posford (aka Shpongle) at House of Blues. I'll do a separate review post for that. Then I had Friday off to hang with the 'rents and help prep for Seder. Honestly, Pygment did most of the prep. I kind of noodled about, tried to keep the kids on track, and did little bits of this or that as needed. Did I mention Pygment is awesome?

Saturday we sent Thing 1 off to Anime Boston in the company of his (we don't use the word) girlfriend and her parents. That seems to have gone well - they were back by dinnertime, to my surprise. We had planned to go out for Indian but the 'rents were feeling draggy so we stayed in. Fortunately the adults were feeling better Sunday and we went to Salem to visit the Peabody Essex Museum for their "Audacious" exhibit. My dad's a wood turner and he absolutely loved this exhibit. He saw pieces by people he's taken classes from as well as a lot of new things. Some of it was really mind-blowing to the point that I spent $40 to get the book of the exhibit. Highly recommended.

The kids decided to stay home, so we got adult time and left them with a list of chores to do. We are evil parents we are. Hey, if you're going to be home, you can...

We took a little time to see some of the other exhibits in the museum but the elder adults were starting to tire out - sadly I did not get to see the photography exhibit. We left the PEM around noon-thirty and got lunch at the Village Tavern which is more or less across the street from the PEM. Also highly recommended, even if they did undercook my burger. Great staff, good drinks.

My dad was quite pleased with the entire day, which is somewhat rare for him. I in turn was pleased that we'd managed to find something we all liked. Our tastes and abilities don't overlap as much as you'd expect, so it's something of a challenge.

OK, I was displeased with my workplace. While riding to the PEM I checked email to find that things had exploded on Friday - a whole slew of meetings got scheduled Friday for this week, and in theory each of those meetings required reading a document in preparation. I get that the executive who scheduled this was up until 1:30AM Sunday into Monday finishing reading the documents but I don't get paid to do that shit, and also I had family visiting.

Unfortunately, Thing 2 came down with something probably cold-like Sunday night and has been home from school for a couple days. He seems to be on the mend so now we just have to watch out that none of the rest of us got it.

In other annoyances, the latest round of Windows updates included a Realtek update that has completely farked my PC speakers. I can still get audio out of the headset but nothing out the speakers. I don't have a good way to roll this back, either. Grr. I hate computers. And I should still deal with the kids' computer being dog slow.

As I mentioned in the Passover entry, I seem to be tripping over bits of "mom" everywhere. I nearly lost it over ordering cheesecake because that's one of the few things Mom used to make. I also seem to get teary at random stuff, though a bit less as the weeks pass. I'm sort of glad that my dad is sufficiently private about this that he's doing his own grieving; I don't think I could do this around him. We're still planning to go down to PA for May Day weekend to do the ashes scattering. I have Many Feels about this, few of which are well-sorted.

My sleep is still not as good as I'd like, in part because work has gone nuts, as noted above. I'm in back-to-back meetings almost all of this week which take a lot of my "behave appropriately in public" spoons. I am mostly avoiding group activities and trying to see people in small or 1:1 settings where I feel less stressed and anxious. I suspect this will continue until sometime in May.

We did our taxes and oh holy hell not again. We owe the Feds. A LOT. Like, um, yeah, I'm glad we have credit we can draw on. I've re-re-adjusted my withholding for work in order to avoid this happening a third year in a row. I adjusted it last year but apparently nowhere near enough. It's a measure of how otherwise stressed I am that this isn't freaking me completely out. Normally money things are my biggest stress but right now I'm like "Yeah, OK, that's a giant ball of suck and here let me cross these three things off my luxuries list right now since I can't afford any of them" but that's about it.

All of you who've known me a while can pick your jaws up off the floor. When I am too stressed to freak out about losing a lot of money you know it's been a tough month. I'm also going to have to deal with the confluence of things since I have to start being the executor for my mom's estate and dealing with the money thing there.
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