drwex (drwex) wrote,

Continuing to talk about Age of Ultron

With many spoilers. Here's a negative take on the Natasha/Bruce romance angle from two women editors at blastr:

I have to agree with them about the sterilization line. It was seriously cringe-worthy and undercut the impact of the flashback scene Scarlet Witch throws her into. That said, I still buy the romance angle and I'm OK with a woman character who gets to choose how she's close to people. She's family-friend to Clint; she's best buddies with Cap; if she's attracted to Banner then yes it's going to play into Beauty-and-the-Beast tropes but that's been part of every Hulk interaction in the comics since forever.

THAT said, where the heck is my Black Widow movie? Been wanting that since Avengers 1.

It's interesting to me that I think I'm exactly the audience these movies are aiming for. I'm revisiting beloved characters from my childhood, sharing things with my family and just plain nerding out about comics in a way I haven't in a long time. So why do I leave feeling just a little dissatisfied every time?
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