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Nine thousand

I think I'm ready to talk about the previous weekend, but first let me warm up with this past weekend.

Some months ago sweetmmeblue installed a step counter on her phone as part of her ongoing fitness program. What the hell, I figured, I'll do the same. I'm not per se exercising but it's interesting to me to have some data.

The phone-based counters can be wildly inaccurate (one day it counted 7000 steps for a day spent mostly in the car; my personal estimate for that day is about 3k) but over time you get a sense for how it is biased and compensate. I've learned that I do indeed walk fast. Over a normal day my walking pace is often higher than 2.5 mph. And my workplace often involves a lot of walking back and forth. My sedentary workday is usually 2000-3000 steps.

This Saturday I went to the Stone Zoo with some gaming friends and Thing 2 came along(*), then that afternoon I met mizarchivist and her entirely cute sprog for ice cream and that night went out just to play some Ingress. Total for the day was over 9000 steps, and man do my inner thighs still feel it. I'm not sure why it's those muscles; I think it has to do with my ongoing back problems and attempts to control my hip rotation.

I love walking. I like cycling and should haul out the bike and do more. Not sure if I want to data-collect on that (I still have a Fitbit on my Amazon wishlist) too or if this current experiment is enough fun for now. Anyway, nine thousand is not bad for my present out-of-shape self.

We haven't managed to make D&D games occur and it's looking dubious for many upcoming weeks. Life happens to all of us. So I spent some of my Sunday on household projects (folded all the laundry evar, cleaned up my desk some, cleaned a lot of cruft out of the garage. I even opened up Lightroom and noodled at that a bit. I haz a list, now, of Shit I Really Should Stop Procrastinating About. We'll see how that goes.

Sunday I did about 6000 steps, many of them up and down stairs for said decrufting, as well as some hanging out and walking around with another gaming friend. Right now it seems like the gamers are the only ones who are being social with me, which is nice of them and gives me some incentive to get out of the house. I'd like to see about rebuilding more of a social life but things haven't caught my eye. I've signed up for the Porter Square Books list and the Oberon Theater list (thanks to silentq for pointing out that it's a separate list from the main A.R.T. list that I'm already on). Nothing has really grabbed my interest yet. I'll see how it goes.

Note to self: short hair means you can sunburn your neck now, idiot.

(*) I should note that Thing 2 was awesome fine company at the zoo. He is much better than I at spotting the animals when they are hiding, and we had a good balance of "things I wanted to do" and "things he wanted to do." Sadly by that night he'd run out of awesome, but at least I got a great morning with my kid.
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