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See these? These are music tabs. Let me fix that (1 of 2)

Two weeks since I did a music post and I've got a weird assortment of stuff. I'll try to cohere it a little but this is likely another one of those "something to appeal to everyone" situations.

In this post I give you some long-form listens. I have a hard time putting these into the regular music posts because they tend to unbalance things. Click these links when you have the time to enjoy, or when you need a soundtrack to move you.

DJ Steveboy put together a delicious collection of deep house/electro house tracks. It's fast and energetic and it mostly avoids the dull repetitive bits that electro-house can devolve into. I was listening along and suddenly went, "Wait, I know that sound." A little research and it turns out I remember Moguai from a couple years ago. The track is called "Monkey Business" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMikf0KNMkw) a track I used to put on when I had to power through something boring. I find it impossible to be bored while this is playing.

Raggabreaks is 35+ minutes of funky, reggae-inspired hip-hop. It's got scratch, rhyming, and as advertised it's all done in a ghettofunk style. That means it's a little more sped up compared to your traditional reggae/ragga rhythms but it also means you get more funky horns and uptempo jazzy pianohall bits thrown in. I think the combination works well. Unfortunately there's no tracklist so I can't name/link my favorite.

If I have to explain DJs from Mars to you at this point I suggest you start with my previous references to them. This "Alien Selection" is a collection of a couple of the DJ's own works and a lot of awesome mashing goodness from other names. As with any selection, there are going to be things that appeal more to one listener than another (I can't stand Katy Perry, even heavily mashed). The overall style fits with the DJs usual "fun party" approach.

(I think the next post is going to be delayed while I re-listen to this set again.)
Tags: dj steveboy, djs from mars, moguai, music, tosses & varvez
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