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See these? These are music tabs. Let me fix that (2 of 2)

Herewith an assortment of shorter listening. The fact that they're all short is about the only thing they have in common. Well, and I like them.

It's Glitch Mob; it's Metallica. Do you need to know any more? Glitch Mob have often covered metal tunes as part of their shows, notably Prodigy in the past. Here they're remixing the acclaimed masters of metal and it's every bit as much fun as you want it to be.

Speaking of metal, Fissunix gives us a power-pounding mash of Kanye West with some Led Zeppelin drums and some heavy-duty samples.

Those of you who've been reading me for a few years may recall that I mentioned Up and Over It some years ago as part of a music story post. Since then I haven't kept track of what they've done. So here we are a few years on and they've got this interesting hand dance done to a minimalist pop tune. What the animal masks have to do with anything is beyond me, sorry.

Mac Stanton has a vocoder - let him show it to you. I remember when these things were everywhere and while it's possible to overuse any kind of sound I'm a little sad they've fallen out of favor. The basic track has the funk and the horns I love.

And while we're on the funk, let me close this out with a little turbofunk from Msystem. I've been unable to track down the original but this is good as it stands. It's hot, it moves, and I need that sort of thing these days.
Tags: fissunix, glitch mob, mac stanton, music, up & over it
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