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Six songs, fifteen minutes, go! (music)

Speed post squeezed between other obligations. All I can promise you is some excellent funk at the end.

Francesca Belmonte has gone from "Tricky's Singer" to first single, to this track, which is starting to establish her own style. It's definitely in the same vein as the work she did with Trick, but it's also got some strong d&b influences. The video is both gorgeous and slightly disturbing. If you want to know what "liquid" music sounds like, play this.

Angelika Vee again, this time fronting for Spencer Tarring, whom I don't think I've heard before. This is kind of a mixed bag of a track, starting out strong with Vee's vocals in trance-like fashion. Then just about halfway through the song shifts up-tempo significantly and starts sounding more like a standard house track, but hold on, Vee's not done. It's interesting to hear her doing power, and pushing her voice up to the higher registers that I haven't heard on her solo stuff much.

And while I'm on the house music tip, here's one particular for sweetmmeblue and maybe I have other DM-heads in my readership. This is Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" redone in very standard house style. Honestly I could do without the intro - I almost turned the track off in the first 30 seconds - but once it gets going it becomes a really good reinterpretation of the 1990 anthem.

I've sort of drifted away from my infatuation with Florence to the point where I didn't know she'd started doing things outside of Florence and the Machine. This is a three-way mash by kill mR DJ built around Florence's fronting for Calvin Harris on a track called "Sweet Nothing." The mash is interesting, but suffers from some of the problems of mashing two or more tracks with strong front vocals - either it alternates or it trainwrecks. I like it because I've missed Florence's voice and it's nice to hear again.

I can't remember how I first heard this. The mash is credited to Fabien Pizar, working with Luke DB and it uses three tracks that have been blended into a fast energetic blend. My sole complaint is that it's too short.

And now because I promised you funk and because funk is the best way to go out, let's end with this wonderful horn-licious guitar-twanging ghetto funky glitch-dancing track.

And now I'm five minutes over my allotted 15 so off I fly, doin' ma thing!
Tags: angelika vee, francesca belmonte, kill_mr_dj, music
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