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Ben Gold and the DJs from Mars (music, like you couldn't guess)

I've been hit with some serious emotional dips lately, like I haven't had in weeks. So I do what I can to equalize and turn my mood upward. Right now that means some high-energy get-your-body-moving dance tracks. Also, modern love songs and nostalgia.

Raise your hands if you can still remember MTV playing Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing" on heavy rotation. Yeah, me too. The jeans-and-tee-shirt band seemed to be mocking everything MTV promoted. Here is a bit of awesome where DJs from Mars mash four tracks but mostly it ends up being Ariana Grande fronting for Dire Straits. If I win the lottery I'm going to throw a private party with these guys DJing.

Imagine Dragons is one of those things that gets stuck in my head, so I'm not sure why I like this mash so much. It's I.D. versus Radioactive, another catchy pop tune.

Here is Ben Gold, one of the ASoT stable of trance DJs, doing a set in Buenos Aires. It's a fun mix featuring a lot of his stuff and he does a decent AVB impression on stage. Like any set there are high and low points and I want to pull out three tracks he uses because each is interesting.

Here's Ben Gold's remix of Andrew Rayel's "Goodbye". The original track features Alexandra Badoi a Romanian singer-songwriter. I love that her site lists it as her song featuring Rayel whereas ASoT lists it the other way around. Regardless it's a good collaboration and Ben Gold's remix is a cleaner and punchier take on the track.

This is a Ben Gold trance original, featuring Christina Novelli on vocals. Ms. Novelli is herself a DJ out of the UK. She looks to be fun and I intend to check out her stuff. This track caught my ear for her voice, obviously, and the piano bits. It is, not to put too fine a point on it, a love song. In another genre it'd be a singer (usually a woman) and a piano. This here is just the EDM version and I freakin' adore it.

And finally another Ben Gold love song. I liked this one in part because it's featuring a male vocalist, Eric Lumiere. I've been skimming some of what Lumiere has posted, and he seems to be very much in the vein I travel - listen to what makes you feel better, giving away his first album for free, etc. Like many of these folk you can get their stuff on Beatport, which I'm told returns a larger percentage to the artist than most comparable sites. If you love it, buy it.
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