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Just another update

If I don't write I won't have written, so here's a little bit about what I've been up to.

I walked, at least one day 12,000 steps. One day I walked about 90 minutes in my Tevas and that was a big mistake. My hip was very painful the next day even after much ibuprofen. Today there is rain, so walking will be minimal. Future walks will be in shoes with better support.

Saturday I said good-bye to a friend. I've been to three Catholic masses in my life now - two funerals and a wedding. This one was good. The church was packed, and the priest gave a good (if to my taste overly afterlife-focused) eulogy. The person who died was herself religious so I imagine it was appropriate for her. After the mass was a gathering, and both the service and the gathering were attended by familiar people and folk I hadn't expected to see. There were babies and young kids aplenty - I always enjoy seeing the next generation around.

For all the good, it still sucks. Fuck cancer. Fuck losing yet another person won't be around to see what comes next. We all knew she was living on borrowed time, and nobody could argue she didn't do as much as her body would let her do with the time she had. But that loan came due and it sucks.

Sunday there was a small gathering to celebrate a graduation. It was nice to see people in a less-crowded way, but the weather didn't stay as warm as expected and I had to haul the kids out of the pool.

Speaking of the kids, both of them managed real moments of awesome this weekend. They are so big and Thing1 is so very teetering on the edge of the Pit of Puberty. It's a true thing that some of the kid surprises are delightful, though sadly most are frustrating.

My mojo still seems to be on walkabout somewhere. I am trying to be more sociable, and failing. Getting out to dinners with the wifey seems to be about the only success. That sort of wants its own post, and probably won't get it. Looking at the calendar is depressing in that "set off the inner critic chorus" sense.

I did go back to DHR and am maintaining the short haircut. I still bump into people who don't recognize me or are shocked by it. Pygment seems to have adjusted to it, which is nice. Haircut was followed by tasty dinner with MizA, and then ice cream. Since we'd accidentally synch'ed up these appointments we decided to do it on purpose next time, which will probably be in about seven weeks.

So that's a bit about me. What about you?
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