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Dance together

As I write this, SoundCloud has changed its logo to a cloud on a rainbow background. I grin every time I glance over at it. Here, have some tracks to dance with, a set that begins and ends in beauty. ETA: I've been told that some of these may be "private" tracks, which means that even with the URL you'll need to be logged into SoundCloud to hear them. Since I leave myself logged in all the time I don't notice; if this is a problem for anyone please let me know.

I play this again and again because it's so beautiful and so unlike what I expect. It's Beats Antique remixing Major Lazer/Wild Belle's "Be Together". B.A. has a 'sound' that I expect and so does M.L. And this isn't either of those things. It's trance-y and it makes me want to grab a partner and dance.

Following the Major Lazer thread I found this - a DJEnergy bootleg of Lazer/DJ Snake/M0 doing "Lean On" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqeW9_5kURI). I really like the original - the strong snap rhythms and floating vocals - and the bootleg presents a sped-up version with added house dance tropes. I just wish they'd done a little more careful job with the vocals. The speed-up doesn't do M0's voice a lot of favors.

I think I found this via Mashup Radio - it's a Canadian DJ who goes by Hirshee giving the Police classic "Message in a Bottle" a very modern treatment. It's dirty house dancing music mixed with a large helping of nostalgia.

Another Tove Lo mash-up, this time an A|B against Vonikk's 2013 electro-house stomper "Blaze" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHKz3r-jGMc). The DJ goes as The Mashup Wyvern - yes, really. The Blaze track is hard and heavy, so it has to be toned down quite a bit and moved into the background so it doesn't overwhelm Tove Lo's vocals. It's an interesting idea but not a combination I would inherently have picked. However, finding "Blaze" makes it all worthwhile.

Mashup Germany builds what can only be called a "samba style" mash. It's got nine tracks, several of which are well-known dance tunes themselves, but the core is a German samba track that's adapted to club rhythms. Gotta love those moves and fast-paced vocals.

Normally I'd go out on a Mashup German track, but this one is so different it deserves the encore spot. This is so-called "slow house", which is almost downtempo, not quite minor-key dominated. It's definitely the sort of thing you end a set with, letting people wind down and filter off the floor. I found this by following a set of links from Class Actress, so it's no surprise that Felicia Douglass - the featured vocalist here - has a similar-sounding voice. Baile builds a more complex soundscape around the voice than I'm used to, with complex tempos and timing changes throughout.
Tags: baile, beats antique, hirshee, m0, major lazer, mashup germany, music, the mashup wyvern, wild belle
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