drwex (drwex) wrote,

We saw Fantastic Four and you should skip it

It was not quite the "I want my hours back" level of bad, but it is bad. Those things you read about the director disavowing the release cut? Yeah, it's like that. The movie is just a mess, with no sense of what story it's trying to tell and oh by the way let's stop now. Meanwhile the audience are going "Wait, what?"

First of all you have to keep in mind that this isn't a MARVEL superhero movie. Stan Lee's name is on it but it has none of the tropes of the "Marvel universe" movies that fans have latched onto. From the trivial (no Lee cameo) to the expected (no teaser scene after credits) to the significant (no idea what a superhero movie is about). This movie lacks pretty much everything except overdone SFX.

I have the sense that somewhere in here is a character story. I can't help comparing this to the first Captain America or the first Thor movie, both of which were largely character movies. Origin stories ought to tell the how and the why and ought to lead into something. FF seems to understand some of this - we get at least some of the origin stuff and it does sort of appear to lead to ... a drunken mistake? That's your origin story?

I could probably say more, but no: the acting is flat, the potential is wasted and so would be more of my time explaining it in detail.
Tags: movie, review
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