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Surely you're joking, Dr Watson

I fed about 4200 words of LJ entries into https://watson-pi-demo.mybluemix.net/ and here's what Watson had to say about that

You are unpretentious and sentimental. (Yeah, right)

You are unconcerned with art: you are less concerned with artistic or creative activities than most people who participated in our surveys. You are empathetic: you feel what others feel and are compassionate towards them. And you are intermittent: you have a hard time sticking with difficult tasks for a long period of time. (Well, one out of three isn't bad for guesswork. I suppose it depends how you define artistic, but I think I care a great deal about some artistic things.)

Your choices are driven by a desire for efficiency. (OK one point for this one)

You consider helping others to guide a large part of what you do: you think it is important to take care of the people around you. You are relatively unconcerned with taking pleasure in life: you prefer activities with a purpose greater than just personal enjoyment. (no, yes, no, and sort of)

So we're at somewhere between 3-5 of 9 right. That's about coin-flip accuracy.

Data Behind Your Personality ( it's hard to know what to make of these numbers since I've no idea what the scale is or whether they're matching against a linear distribution, a normal distribution, or something else. I include them here for comparison in case some of you are motivated to replicate this exercise.)

Openness 54%
Adventurousness 44%
Artistic interests 3%
Emotionality 39%
Imagination 37%
Intellect 67%
Authority-challenging 67%
Conscientiousness 26%
Achievement striving 28%
Cautiousness 63%
Dutifulness 46%
Orderliness 62%
Self-discipline 12%
Self-efficacy 64%
Extraversion 45%
Activity level 24%
Assertiveness 74%
Cheerfulness 27%
Excitement-seeking 17%
Outgoing 57%
Gregariousness 28%
Agreeableness 72%
Altruism 63%
Cooperation 60%
Modesty 54%
Uncompromising 71%
Sympathy 95%
Trust 68%
Emotional range 70%
Fiery 70%
Prone to worry 52%
Melancholy 60%
Immoderation 28%
Self-consciousness 42%
Susceptible to stress 67%

Challenge 11%
Closeness 24%
Curiosity 10%
Excitement 11%
Harmony 82%
Ideal 1%
Liberty 26%
Love 77%
Practicality 88%
Self-expression 2%
Stability 6%
Structure 4%

Conservation 22%
Openness to change 47%
Hedonism 11%
Self-enhancement 28%
Self-transcendence 96%
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