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This is an info-dump.

I think I'm now caught up on all the LJ I missed by traveling and being outside.

I've been blogging a bit of it, but in general a lot of my hours have gone into playing outdoors with Pygment in Ingress. We've developed silly traditions that mostly involve smooching and declaring how ridiculous we are. This is a lot of fun and although we stare at our phones a lot we also see a lot of stars and cool clouds and places we would never have thought to go to. There's a running joke in here about visiting graveyards in the dark. Once the weather starts to be too cold we'll probably stay in more, but for now it is better to be out, even if we hide in the (air conditioned) car for a good portion of it.

Last week I was in Houston for work where I met with a bunch of new gaming friends. They were super-nice and very social. They had three activities in just the week I was there, and invited me to all three. I only made one because tired and driving - my work office is way on the west side of that city and their events were downtown and far north. But it was nice to meet some new folk and go through the "oh, you were in Hartford for that event, too" and "Ah, you know so-and-so as well" thing that happens when you meet people one or two hops away from you on a given person-network.

The work trip itself was tiring but productive. I put in a lot of hours for work, not least because I was getting up an hour earlier than everyone else and staying up my usual late anyway. Travel is never fun for me but I coped and nothing majorly bad happened. I had been worried because my back was bad the weekend before but it eased up. I'm still having major hip issues and really need to find a local massage therapist who can work on this stuff or go back to PT or something.

Speaking of the weekend before travel, my dad and stepmom came up and that was nice. We all went to the MFA to see the Hokusai exhibit before it went away. I learned a lot more about how wood block prints were made and was overwhelmed by just how much of his stuff they have. I knew he was prolific over a long lifetime but wow. Pygment bought the exhibit book from the museum shop to help remind us of all the things we saw. We did some household stuff and punted on a bunch of plans.

Much the same as this past weekend. There were four (or more) possible plans on Saturday, of which we made it to one. I'm sorry but I don't do Facebook enough to see event invites and plan for things. Pygment gave me the info dump which sort of sent me into paralysis. I eventually sorted it out and intended two, but managed one. Then Sunday I went to a memorial gathering that was very well-attended. Which meant crowded, and warm and noisy. I felt badly that I couldn't manage to stay for more than an hour, but showing presence and support were the goal and I feel that was achieved.

Work this week is also insane. I'm not sure when I'll get some breathing room.
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