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An on-time music post

For once I've got this planned. Time is still tight but I'm waiting for IT to sort out a scanning issue, so here we go.

FKA twigs is the stage name of Tahliah Debrett Barnett, an English/Jamaican singer and dancer. She's put out a couple of EPs so far and this site will play you tracks from her newest just-released EP. Her sound has been described as "ethereal", "twisted", and "R&B". I'm not so sure on the last one but the former two, yeah. This is the electronic music of modern dance - it has those rhythms and sensibilities, along with an interesting vocal range and sounds imported from fuzzy electronica. If you're interested in the dance bits, go to the YouTube-hosted copy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYU3j-22360) and skip forward to about 8:30.

Another Loo & Placido smash, this one using some classic Sugarhill Gang. The tracks kind of bounces along, the way you'd expect such a smash to bounce. It's a fun track, but nothing exceptional.

Baut brings a remix of Sean Paul's reggae-rockin "Temperature". It's hard to believe this track is almost ten years old now. Baut's treatment is stripped down and more spare than the original. This has the effect of highlighting the vocals but at the same time leaving the track feeling thin. The original has a sense of the banging steel you get from lots of reggae. Here there are piano bits and it's just not the same.

Another remix, this time Nomero doing a deep house remix of Alesso's "Cool". As with the previous item, this one is also sparer and simpler than the original, which is a pretty standard teen dance track. Maybe it's just my fondness for deep house, but I think this remix works better.

Saving the best for last, as usual. MizA sent me this compilation of pretty intense jazzy funky stuff. Dam-Funk isn't so much doing funk as he's using funk source material to make other kinds of music, much of which I'd class as "jazz". Tere are tracks like "HowUGon'Fu*kAround..." which is much more like funk-infused hip-hop but even here there are jazz riffs and rhythms throughout. In the end I think I'm not enough of a jazz fan to give this a big thumbs up but it's interesting to see people experimenting with musical styles.
Tags: baut, dam-funk, fka twigs, loo & placido, music, nomero
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