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A late update from the home front

Been meaning to write this up but holy cow all my busy spoons been et. I'm going to move the work stuff to its own post so I don't have to lock this one. All these things are OK to discuss. Bullet points because it's been a busy while.

  • Back at the end of August, I went for a now-traditional (because it's fun and we really need the kid-free adult time to talk) haircut and post-cut dinner with mizarchivist. I am still mostly enjoying having shorter hair, though I think I'm going to let it go to about 2" for winter. MizA got a pretty rad new 'do that she's posted about. I'm excited for people trying new things and it was nice to be one of the first to see it.
  • Labor Day Weekend was a much-needed break from work, which has been all kinds of crazy - details in the other post. We went to nchanter's place for some gaming in the afternoon and then back home to clean up and change for an adult dinner with friends (who I think are not on LJ). Based on some mutual interests and input from silentq we went to West Bridge in Kendall Sq. Good drinks and decent food but I wasn't bowled over. I did like their menu idea which involves being able to order a selection of dishes that range from traditional "sides" to tapas all the way up to "table" portions that are intended to be at least some part of a full meal for 2 or 4 people. Our dinner companions had recently returned from a honeymoon on Maui, and we spent most of the meal comparing experiences. I so very much want to go back but realistically it won't happen for years. These are people we see usually only once or twice a year, which is just silly and we'll try to make a plan to see them sooner.
  • D&D still isn't happening. It's been a long lull, which we might manage to break next weekend. I'm kind of sad but people are busy and life is life and that's that.
  • Since we weren't gaming I went up north with sweetmmeblueto see her new office space and help her hang art. The new space is nice (away from the outdoor smoking area) and much bigger, which means she has more wall space for art and so it's kind of sparse at the moment. We'll be keeping an eye out for appropriate new things. She has a theme that she wants to keep and it's nice she can do that and also fit in some of the work done by crafters, notably mizarchivist and some turned wood pieces from my dad.
  • That ended up going later and being more tiring than expected so we punted on other Sunday events in favor of nappage and resting in the AC.
  • Monday Pygment went into work and I hung out with the kids. It ended up being too hot out for most things we wanted to do but pizza and ice cream sounded like a plan, so we did. Unfortunately, my aging intestinal system really can't deal with that much fat anymore so I paid for it later. The kids had a good time and were well-behaved for the most part so that was a win. After she got home from work we saw "Man from U.N.C.L.E." which I reviewed in the previous post. Fun and not too brain-straining.
  • Wednesday night I made it out for a much-needed (see Work omg post) drink with silentq. We continued our tradition of her showing me some of the better drinking establishments she knows around the Cambridge area. I'd had dinner but shared a tasty cheese tray with her, and had one very nice drink. One of the things I like about drinking with silentq is that she has much broader tastes in cocktails than I do so I get to try tasty things that are fun to sip but I'd never want to drink an entire one myself. Plus she knows what I like and can help me pick things that are much more my style. Generally I go for gin-based or vodka-based things where she's much more fond than I of things that use bourbon or mezcal.
  • Speaking of alcohol we're gearing up for our annual Scotch Tasting party. If you're not on our invite list and want to be, drop me a note. My father's probably going to be at this one, which amuses me no end. This past summer one one of his visits he noted that Pygment and I sometimes share a bit of single malt in the evening and had a taste. He's decided he likes it and bought his own bottle (or two) to have at home.
  • Speaking MORE of alcohol, we went to Pour the Core, a Boston-area hard cider festival, on the early afternoon before the End of Summer party. It was excellent and deserves its own post at some point. We spent much of the time hanging out with friends, which was a big win. There were SO many things to taste that even if we'd kept to the 2-oz pours the event enforced there was no way we'd've gotten through even half of what we wanted to sample. We ended up each getting one thing and then passing tastes around so we'd have about half an ounce of something. I kept some notes on the theory that I'd never remember any of it otherwise and if I couldn't take notes then I needed to stop drinking. Never got to that point. I do wish they'd had a better selection of food in the venue, but that was a minor drawback - we'd deliberately eaten a good meal before going.
  • End of Summer was an exercise in holding up my mood by force of will. sariel_t helped out with some selected good tunes but I'm really working at the far end of my rope and as taura_g emphatically noted I need to take some time off. Realistically that's not going to happen for a bit, but it's a good plan.
  • I got hit with what Pygment aptly described as a "Mom Bomb". A certificate and notice came in the mail from Hadassah acknowledging the gift my mother had made to them in her will and agreeing that her yartzeit will be commemorated in Jerusalem with prayers said in the synagogue that has a set of the famous stained-glass windows designed by Marc Chagall. My mother was not religious but she loved those windows. That reminder hit me pretty emotionally hard and also hit Pygment, whose mom's yartzeit is around this time of year. Whoof.

And now to write up the work thing...
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