drwex (drwex) wrote,

So Boehner is out (1 of N)

In case you're not hooked up to an IV of news, the top story right this moment is John Boehner's resignation not just as Speaker but from Congress entirely.

There will be lots of words of analysis written about this, but the first thought that hit me after reading the headline was "Oh, dear, Jeb Bush is in a lot of trouble now."

Bush is clearly the anointed nominee of the Machine Republicans. After three election cycles of infighting and the Machine crushing the rebels and then losing the general election it's been interesting watching the insurgent candidates maintain their hold on the top spots as the Republican primary season starts in earnest. Carson and Trump have continued to hold leads as the field has begun to narrow and it's clear that if the Establishment doesn't unify behind someone it's going to lose to - at a minimum - Trump's money. The only candidate who can put that kind of cash together now from the Establishment side is Bush.

One of the Machine's strongest personifications has been Boehnor. And if he's out, Bush is minus a huge ally and it's a sign that the Establishment power structure isn't as strong as it has appeared and isn't as reliable an ally as Bush is going to need. Jeb has some very sleepless nights coming up.

Stay tuned, it's about to get interesting.
Tags: politics
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