drwex (drwex) wrote,

I say this often, but I'm saying it again

We - the United States of America - are not doing nearly enough to help the refugees of the wars in the Middle East. The bordering countries - Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey - shouldered the weight of millions of refugees for years and now that it's finally spilling into Europe it's getting some coverage. We can do a lot more as a country to provide food, water, medicine and shelter to people in need. It frustrates me that all the political discussion is about providing weapons instead.

Some people I like also agree with me. Some of them run a company called Dreamhost, where I've had my personal Web site for years. If you think this is a good idea here's a link to donate to Doctors Without Borders' efforts to aid the refugees, and have your donation doubled.


(I cannot view this conflict without remembering that my mother-in-law and her parents were refugees fleeing a war as well. There was so little help for them; we can do better now. Yes, it's personal. I don't see how any Jew could look on this and not be moved.)
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