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I saw "Con Man" and it was terribly disappointing

Con Man is the new self-produced series from Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. It's currently available for streaming on Vimeo to people who backed the production through its online fundraiser. That campaign, originally targeted for a few hundred thousand dollars, blew through its cap and ended well over two million. To say there were high hopes for this production is an understatement.

The series premise is that Tudyk and Fillion are actors who attained sci-fi fame through a short-lived television series. Fillion has gone on to other Hollywood successes while Tudyk is stuck doing the B circuit, usually SF conventions and signings for fans. The show was advertised as being a humorous look at this particular slice of life.

It's not. It's painful and awkward and not even a little funny. Tudyk's character is simply a douche and there's very little amusement in watching him be rude and unpleasant to everyone. You can also play "spot the celebrity" - there's Wil Wheaton, there's Felicia Day - which is amusing for about ten seconds.

To be fair, Tudyk is not making fun at the expense of SF fans. It's not a "let's point and laugh at the nerds" thing. It's just that his character is an awful human being who mistreats pretty much everyone and has no sympathetic side. I made it through four and a bit of the seven currently released episodes and decided I had better things to do with my ten minutes. I just couldn't muster up enough "I care" to go on.

Maybe if you're an ultra-fan of Tudyk this is for you, but otherwise give it a pass.
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