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Take me away, wake me up when we get there (music)

I need a long nap, and a major pick-me-up. Since I won't get either, this will have to do. Geezus this entry took a long time to get together. See other entries for part of why.

Kaskade's "Disarm You" was a summer love anthem hit (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qen7he4Y7c). Featuring vocals from Ilsey Juber (http://www.ilseyjuber.com/) I remember thinking it'd be better with a stronger backing for her voice, which is pitched an octave higher than usual. Here we have the DIME$ remix, which tries to fill in those spaces with some bouncy electronica. The result is much more of a house banger than the original love tune but it does a great job of keeping Ilsey's voice front and center. Which one you prefer probably depends on how you like your EDM love songs - I have a hard time picking between the two.

Rocoe's remix of Aurra's "A Little Love" is a high-BPM, soul-inspired bit of electronica. The original (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ4bbyQ5ECw) is much more disco, more funky, with Motown-style backing vocals.

So long as we're on the funk track, how about some "Red Hot" from Jurassic 5 as edited by CMAN. The edit is light and the feel is very close to the original, and as a funk classic that's hard to feel bad about.

Is your day too quiet? Do you need some booty in your bounce? Let OKI DORO help you with this fast, hot, high-energy remix of Sean Paul's "Get Busy". The original was a fun rasta-influenced street-dancing club tune; this remix lays done some pretty pure house styles around the original patter. I am not always a fan of taking originals and jacking up the BPM but it really works here.

Right about n-n-now! The original "Rockafella Skank" featured the phrase "funk soul brother" repeated enough times that the song is often called that. Fatboy Slim's original charted high and was a great nod to funk's contribution to early EDM. This is Phibes' ghetto funk remix of key bits, along with added sounds, electronica, and an updated take on the now-classic sound remix.

I don't post a lot of straight-up dance bangers these days. You find them everywhere you look and if you're in the chair-dancing mood they're great. This one is a great way to close out my post. I love the way it mixes high-BPM electro-house, with slower drops and interstitial passages. As often with these things, my biggest complaint is that it's too short at just under 4 minutes. But this is the sound that's moving me right now so I'll take what I can get.
Tags: cman, dime$, ilsey, kaskade, music, oki doro, phibe, rocoe, tyler mason
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