drwex (drwex) wrote,

Is this a return to Friday music?

In a rare fit of sanity, work cancelled or failed to invite me to all meetings and reviews today. I actually emailed a cow orker to inquire if hell had frozen over. Thus I finished the task I had planned to finish by 5 at 2 instead so now I have... what do they call this? Oh, yes, time. Let me entertain you!

I mentioned DJampo early this month and finally got a chance to poke around at some of his Soundcloud tracks. Much of what he posts are pretty standard house bangers and this is no exception. I picked this one (and the next) because he sometimes uses unusual source material. Here it's Imagine Dragons' mega-hit "Radioactive" from a couple years ago. I'm fond of that track but never before felt like chair-dancing to it.

And another one from Djampo's stream, this is a super-hot mix built around Linkin Park's "New Divide" which is an awesomely stompy metal track on its own. Here it takes a lead in a four-way mash that includes some electro-fuzz and a lot of bounce.

I've been listening to things that are more fuzz and electro-noise than my usual and then chasing some related links. One of those trips brought me to NE7CODE and their remix of "Portland" from Watermat & Moguai. Some people credit Moguai with more or less bringing techno to his native Germany and he's been doing interesting things for approximately ever (and yet I appear never to have blogged about his stuff). I tracked down the original (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMF76MYFjQo) and it's not bad on its own but it kind of bogs down in its repetitions. By making this harder/faster/bouncier remix NE7CODE have really upped the game.

"Jolene" was the first Dolly Parton track I can recall hearing and though I'm not really a Parton fan (nor fond of much country music) it's still a nostalgic piece for me in part because I had such a strong response to the the story of the lyrics. Todd Terje's remix here is both entirely something new and entirely steeped in the traditions the song draws from. The guitar licks are well-featured and the track's pacing is just right for an electronic update of a country tune. My sole complaint is that Terje waits until almost 2:30 in to start using Parton's vocals, which makes a chunk of the earlier bit feel like repeated teasing.

Speaking of country music, The Knocks are looking for their own Taylor Swift, someone who would... well, listen to the lyrics of the track and find out. The song is kind of an electronic chill homage and definitely not country itself but I find myself singing it even after it's done playing. That doesn't happen all that often so I figured I'd share.
Tags: djampo, moguai, music, ne7code, the knocks, todd terje
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