drwex (drwex) wrote,

It's a mixed (music) date

Some overflow from the last post. Here are three long-form mixes that will occupy your ears for a while. All three in very different styles. The usual caveats about sets apply here - none of these is perfect. I have not had the time to listen through two or three times as I usually do to pick out my favorites so if something particularly strikes your ears leave me a comment.

I'm starting to try and catch up on accumulated backlog and one of this things are DJ Steveboy mixes. This one actually came out in the summer and it's a lovely (if slightly dark) deep house set. The mix has a deliberate rainy-day vibe to it, which fits well with our usual late-October weather. I liked the mixing on this set - it ends up feeling seamless and well planned.

If you are in a less chill mood, DJ Roast Beatz has 85 minutes of funk, hip-hop, rap, soul, dub, and associated fun things. Although there's a tracklist you will likely hear different versions if you chase individual tracks because this set was live-mixed so there are overlaps as well as spontaneous adds and fades. I like that the set has a lot of acapella pieces as well as some serious instrumental breaks, several of which show how influential the jazz riffs of the last century have been on the hip-hop of this century.

Just use your imagination - yes, Ummet Ozcan is back with another of his Innerstate set mixes. An hour of fun dance, trance, vocal trance and other club tracks. This set includes both the Avicii "Faithless" remix and several other good items. The set is less coherent than either of the previous two, but that also makes it easier to skip over tracks you don't like.
Tags: dj roast beatz, dj steveboy, music, ummet ozcan
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