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Breathe, remember to breathe

I still play Warcraft from time to time. Pygment has mostly gafiated from it and I'm playing a lot less than I did. But there are moments and I still enjoy a couple hours of raiding now and then.

It helps to understand this story if you know that when a group attacks a monster there's often a countdown to synchronize everyone's initial actions. Prior to that, the raid leader usually does a "ready check" where people can click yes/no if they're ready to begin. For reasons of sheer luck I happen to run in raids that are led by women.

Last raid I had to click "no" on a readycheck because I mostly couldn't breathe for laughing. It went something like this:

Raid leader: Everyone ready?
Raider: Give me five seconds... well, ten max.
Other raider: I bet you say that to all the women.
Other other raider: Yeah, and they find the countdown really annoying, too.

(I actually have no idea if non-gamers or maybe just those without an inner 12-year-old will find this funny so please do tell me what you think.)
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