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So it's Friday (music)

And I have these open tabs. There's not much coherent about them, so I'll just dump and let you guys pick and choose.

Two very good but very different mixes from DJ Steveboy. The first is funk, funk, and more funk. It's the kind of thing that got me listening to Groovelectric in the first place - old funk, new-style funk, and funk-influenced things. I'm on my third listen-through and I still think my favorite is the 'regrooved' James Brown track.

The second mix, Slow Lightning, is a chill mix with a definite night-time feel. It's not, per se, slow - the BPM are high enough to keep things rocking along, but it has a lot of soft sound effects and sinuous beat lines.

This is a bit experimental for me and I'm still not 100% sure I like it. Maceo Plex brings in a deep, groovy house track that is at the same time urgent and understated. It's posted as a "techno" track and I can see why but what made me pull it out is the second half, which starts around 3:45 in. The track is called "Conjure Floyd" and this is where you really hear it. It reminds me of how creepy-as-hell I found The Wall to be when it first came out and how I liked listening to it with headphones so I could get all the stereo effects.

OK, let's get back to more traditional A|B mashes. This one from DJ Energy mixes Rihanna and Marilyn Manson. It's an interesting concept and it mostly works. I like both of the original sources but I could've done without the long stutter build between the intro and main sections of the track.

I haven't heard anything new from Maya Jakobson in a little while despite adding her to my Soundcloud "following" list. This one popped out at me and now I share. It's an 8-way mash mostly built around two versions of "How Deep is Your Love" from Calvin Harris. I love the blend of the Harris track with 50 Cent's fast-talking rap even more than I love the base track which is my metric for a good mash.

While we're on the Calvin Harris thing, here's another (very different) mix built around "How Deep". I particularly like the way DJ Trademark slams over to Tove Lo's "Talking Body". Sure, it's pop-on-pop and balancing the strong female vocals on both tracks is not easy but I think it mostly works.

I think we'll break here and pick up next week with some turbofunk. Yes, that's a tease, but it's a good one I promise.
Tags: dj energy, dj steveboy, dj trademark, maceo plex, maya jakobson, music
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