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Would you like some booty with that? (music)

Bootie Blog continues to publish best-of lists infrequently and mostly I am not that fond of what they pick but there are good things now and then. Herewith a pretty random selection from the last few months of "Bootie Best-of" lists. All these are direct MP3 links and being Booty they tend to be pretty direct mash-ups. Still, a good sampling of styles here.

Wax Audio gives us two music icons - Led Zeppelin and Madonna - in an interesting mix, particularly if you think of Madonna as being mostly pop and uptempo. The original of "Justify My Love" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np_Y740aReI) is not your typical pop by any means.

DJ Mario Santiago does a great job picking the best bits of two fine tunes and putting them together. I enjoy the RHCP track and the Lilly Wood track is one I thought was underrated when it came out, largely because the mixing is so spare and thin. The mash does a little better but I still feel there's more to be done with this material.

The DJs from Mars take the much-used "Lean On" and run it through the blender with some more RHCP and a little leavening of Tears for Fears. What comes out is a chop-mixed chair-dancing piece of ear candy. As you'd expect with the DJs it rocks pretty hard, but only near the end. I would rather have had the full energy throughout.

If you've had enough of "Shut up and dance with me" then you should skip this one. I'm not done with it yet and it's interesting to see how much my subconscious remembers of Bryan Adams and how well Ryson makes the two fit together. They really are kin, however many decades separate them. Like most of the mixes in this post, this one is short and I really notice it here.

It's really hard to go wrong with a "We Will Rock You" mash and it's also hard to something even a little new. Here I think we have something at least a bit new, as Queen appears against three other tracks. It's mostly Nicki Minaj but you can hear other bits here and there. Still, any WWRY mix rises or falls on the signature boom-boom-clap and this one works exceptionally well.

Another DJs from Mars entry (the Booties like them as much as I do), this one built around Hoobastank's "The Reason". I had fairly completely forgotten about the innocent male-rock track until I heard this and it's fun to hear how it's powered up to modern EDM speeds.

And finally, one I promised Otherjill (who has no LJ): Placebo doing Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" versus Marilyn Manson doing Eurythmics. Yeah, I have no idea who thinks this stuff up, either. In this case it's LeeDM101 but I have to wonder what he was on at the time.
Tags: dj mario santiago, djs from mars, leedm101, music, ryson, wax audio
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