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Music tabs like whoa

While I was doing all that Serious Writing(tm) I accumulated a lot of interesting music. I'll split it up for now into two bits. This one is the long-form pieces.

DJ Steveboy's "Pastorale" mix is one of his drone mixes. I never liked that moniker because 'drone' has negative connotations for me and music. They're not quite easy listening either, but that's closer. These mixes are mostly deep house, so they're relaxed, often fewer BPM and sometimes down-tempo. They also have a more even feel throughout. I find them to be very good writing background music for just that reason - they don't call your attention with big crescendos and epic drops. The bad part is that there is rarely a stand-out track or two to talk about. So put this on, let it play, and get relaxed or focused as suits your needs.

New (to me at least) producer Gryffin has a gorgeous set up as their "Winter Solstice Mix". I'm having a hard time characterizing this style - it's labeled as "cloud house" and yes it's house music of various sorts. It does have a lot of airy, dreamy, ethereal bits. Like the drone mix above, it tends to have a fairly even tempo but it's much more a set of songs than a continuous mix. I'm only on my third listen-through and nothing has jumped out at me as much as The Him's remix of "To the River" by Causes. I'm fond of the original and this remix is beautiful, a little more bouncy, and is one of the deepest pieces in this mix.

And what would a set collection be without some DJs from Mars to pick you up? Trust me, if you've been lulled into calm by the previous two sets prepare to get jolted awake. The set starts with the heavy metal "Apocalypse Now" and continues extremely strong. JapaRoll's reword of "Knas" leads into the Klaas remix of "Can You Feel It" that then goes into a nice bootleg of "Star 69" and Bisbetic's remix of "Bang My Head" from Sia/Guetta. I could keep linking tracks or you could just listen to the set; I recommend the latter. Never fear, the DJs will appear in the next entry, too.
Tags: dj steveboy, djs from mars, gryffin, music
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