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And now some individual tracks (music)

The rest of the music tabs - this batch includes several remixes of, or uses of, favored old tracks.

It's hard to know whether to open or close with this one. You'd have to go some way to find a better take on modern funk than Father Funk remixing a Fort Knox Five track. This one has all the hallmarks, from the phat horns to the bow-chica-bow electronics and the vocals are straight out of the 1970s Soul Train era. If you like that sort of thing you will love this track and if not, just keep scrolling, because we have some change-ups coming.

Francis P has a groove-house mash of three tracks. I like all three of the base tracks and the mix has an interesting thing going with blending raw vocals with various electronic and orchestral backing bits. Bonus first appearance of DJs from Mars in a supporting role.

GOJA brings us "Deviant", a bouncy electro-house track. It won't surprise anyone who listens to my picks regularly that I most enjoy the vocal bits that start about 0:30 in.

Om Unit, and specifically this remix, was recommended to me by a fellow gamer in a discussion of "what music do you game to?" I'm one of those who tends to like most (thoughtful) game music and sound design. But I can understand how some people find it repetitive and simplistic. This music, and its remix, is sort of the opposite. It's sonically dense, with complex off-beat rhythms and poetically structured vocals. I plan to check out both more Om Unit and anything I can find from the vocalist Tamara Blessa.

Along with "We Will Rock You" (see last item in this post) the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" gets used a great deal in mashes. It has a strong rhythm that's instantly recognizable. And like WWRY, I judge a mash in part by how it uses 7NA. This is an interesting contrast mix that I'm not sure I 100% like but I link because I think it does good things with 7NA. I could do without the electro-bounce bits that SHUVAL puts in but the basic A|B is pretty good.

AndreOne's remix of "Feel Your Love" uses the same electro-bounce effect as the previous track but in a totally different context. As before I'm not bowled over - I think the remix improves a bit on the original (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQ6K4t5jb2s) but it caught my ear strongly enough to blog.

"Ain't That Fresh" is notable for me in that I first heard it in mash-ups and it took some time to track down the original. Yes, kiddies, back before Google that sort of thing was hard. Skee-Lo wasn't particularly well-known but this one got picked up and used a lot. So now we have PHIBES cover/remix and it's not bad. It's definitely got a more electro-disco feel to it.

In starting with Father Funk I decided to end with this instead. I've mentioned before that any "We Will Rock You" mash has to rise or fall on what it does with the signature boom-boom-clap and I really like what the Young Saints have done here. The mix uses not just the background, but Mercury's vocals and just when you think you know what the track's going to be like - about halfway through - it changes up again and starts firing musical machine guns. Yes, there are more changes and the whole thing ends up being rather frenetic and slam-dancing but that's OK sometimes. Bonus appearance of DJs from Mars in a supporting role.
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