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Last week's music entry, this week

Did actually intend to get this written last week but it didn't happen for a variety of reasons. I also didn't manage to write more serious entries so there's that. I'm hoping this entry will get done soon and give me some kind of impulse to write the other stuff, which is much harder to formulate.

So we've reached that time of year - the end - when mashup DJs put together their "best of..." mashes. I probably won't review most of them, but two names put out entries I have to cover, so we'll start with those. Next up (probably next week) we'll have some long-form pieces.

DJs from Mars, 40 songs in 3:30. What else do you want to know? It doesn't have exactly the classic DJfM stompy feel, but it's definitely framed as a dance banger, though the ending slides a bit. I think it's positioned as the sort of thing you'd play for a set finale - at least, that's how I would use it.

DJ Earworm's "United State of Pop 2015" uses 50 tracks in a 5:15-long mash that is much less intense than the DJfM's entry but still gives a good sampling of what's been pop this year. Earworm's take is still danceable but not a house banger by any means. As with so many of these year-end things I feel like there hasn't been a ton of great new things to carry the mix. Most of what I'm liking in mashes these days mixes new pop with older classics, which these best-of obviously can't do.

In case you are somehow unfamiliar with the basic form of the house dance banger let me link you one. I don't link most of these because they're all pretty similar. Triton here turns in a perfectly serviceable entry, with minimal vocals and maximal house beats. I can't put my finger on precisely why I like this one and not other standard bangers, but this one sticks well with me.

Remember a couple months back when I claimed Avicii had giant brass balls for (daring to) remix/update "Insomnia"? Well stand down, Avicii because here comes the unknown Sash, doing their remix/club mix and it's really damned good. It's got the same basic feel, vocals, and builds as the original but with more BPM and some up-to-date electronica. Clocking in around 6 minutes feels better, too.

"Colors" is nowhere near the classic level of "Insomnia" but it's a well-loved club anthem and seeing it get a touch of new life is nice. Vicetone's version is sweet - nearly love-song levels - and I like the lush sounds.

Speaking of sweet, Patrick Baker's "Gone" was a gently breathy summer night track from a few months back. Now comes Vijay and Sofia remixing it. I still think the autotuned strings bit is a little saccharine but I like the basic rhythm of the track and Baker's voice is pleasant.

Chasing some old links I came across this and thought "How could I have missed a DJs from Mars doing Deep Purple mash?" Turns out I did spot it back in July but that link is now dead so I'm going to give you this, the updated version that they did for the Bootzilla compilation. I hope this one survives because it's got so much of what I love about the DJs' work. Good stompin' beats, and a nice mix of the modern vocals with the classic backing guitars. Like all DJs from Mars tracks the key question is "Are you chair-dancing now?" Um, yes.
Tags: dj earworm, djs from mars, sash, triton, vicetone, vijay and sofia
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