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The opposite of compassion is fear

I like to do much of my charitable giving in the week between Christmas and New Year's. Tax deadlines certainly play a role, as does my reluctance to open the ever-growing bombard of holiday appeals until I'm actually past Christmas. So I've been thinking about where I want to donate and whether my money will do good.

Compassion - thoughtful caring for the suffering of others combined with a desire to see that suffering end - is opposed by fear. I have lots of fears.

I fear that people will see my compassion as "emotionalism" and not as a thoughtful process, dismissing it. I fear that if I am compassionate others - certainly including my children - may become (too) dependent on that compassion and lose drive to do things for themselves. I fear that compassion will be interpreted as weakness and lead others to devalue me. I fear that compassion will be seen as an opportunity for others to take advantage of me. I fear that others will see my compassion and infer a hidden agenda; they will think I am dishonest.

I'm working on it. Part of working on it is writing it out, because sometimes I know a thing but having to form it into real sentences makes my knowing clearer.
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