drwex (drwex) wrote,

Is there a way to (re)order my LJ friends feed?

Recently I committed not one but two faux pas because I saw an entry from a friend and responded without thinking "Oh, wait, there's context for this that I really should read up on." Sure enough, said context had appeared earlier, but due to the standard newest-to-oldest ordering of the friends feed I hadn't seen it yet.

What I want is some sort of "oldest-unread-to-newest-unread" list but damifino how to get that. One reason I don't change some other UIs (looking at you here, gmail) is that I can at least cobble together a semblance of this ordering from visual cues. In gmail it's bold vs non-bold so even though the list always puts newest stuff on top I can quickly scan backward and see where the boldface stops.

jbsegal (at least I think it was) mentioned that my desired ordering could be achieved by wrangling LJ options but I've failed to find the relevant option. I did figure out how to go to paginated rather than infinite-scroll listing, which is WAY more usable (*) but I can't see any way to affect the ordering of things, nor a way to select only unread friends-feed entries.

Help me, Dr LJ?

(*) infinite scroll is f'ing awful if you comment. When you comment, the feed is replaced by the entry page on which you write your comment. Then you go back to the friends feed, but you NEVER EVER go back to the same place due to how infinite scroll doesn't work. For months now I've been trying to train myself to right-click and open in new tab the comments page so I can read and comment there and then close that tab to regain my feed-list context. But every so often I screw up and BAM there goes my context again.
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