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In the interest of closing tabs (music)

Right, I have these long-form sets around for you. Hopefully they'll ease some of the effects of going back to work. I've only listened to these a couple times and haven't had a chance to pick out favorite tracks. If something you hear really catches your ears leave a note in the comments.

Yes, another DJ Steveboy Groovelectric set. Partly it's that I'm catching up on some of his back work (I'm on his mailing lists but don't listen immediately when new sets come out) and partly it's that he's had some really good work lately. This one, "Imminent Dark" is deep, somewhat tribal, and kind of intense in places. It does feel like the kind of music you'd be playing or dancing to late at night - some noir but with considerably lighter stretches.

DJ Maya Jakobson (who I started following after stumbling over her work back in July) put out this screamin' hour-long end-of-year party mix last month in collaboration with fellow Israeli Yair Raviv, whose remix works appear often in the set. I find myself liking almost every track in this set but if you push it, I think Maya's work comes out on top - either the "How Deep Is Your Club" mix or the "I Love Sax" rework she did. I had a link to the DJs from Mars version she's using but that link went dead and now I can't find the track again.

Vicetone also did a year-end set mix of their own work and others' work they remixed. Obviously if you don't like Vicetones you'll want to skip this one, but I do and I particularly like how they've worked a variety of styles in. It's all house, with strong electro and techno influences and definitely geared to the kind of thing you'd play at a bouncy party.

Just out a couple days ago is another Ummet Ozcan Innerstate mix. I haven't even done a full second listen-through so I don't have a lot to say except I think he's doing a good job of picking and promoting interesting new artists. Looking at the setlist I recognize fewer than half the names, which is always a good sign for a new year.

Unlikely to be most of my readers' tastes but it's part of mine and my LJ so here I blog it - an hour set from Cheeba & Moneyshot with a lot of great hip-hop, rap, scratch, and funk. Definitely somewhat old-school emphasizing the fast word-slinging and less of the things I don't like in more modern hip-hop.
Tags: cheeba & moneyshot, dj maya jakobson, dj steveboy, music, ummet ozcan, vicetone
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