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Is LJ logging other people out unexpectedly?

Once again today I discovered I'd missed nearly half the entries in my normal friends feed because I'd somehow gotten logged out (of a browser session left sitting overnight). This did not happen so often in the past - maybe LJ made some internal change?

Of course when logged out one does not see locked entries and does not know what one has missed. If I'm missing something you would've expected me to comment on please tell me and I'll go look for it.

This is not wholly unrelated to my quandary that J does not have an LJ and though I've showed her the URL for this journal much of what I'd write about her would be in a locked entry because my unlocked entries have a weird habit of unpredictably landing on Livejournal's front page. But I don't want to feel like I'm discussing my girlfriend (*wave hi*) behind her back.
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