drwex (drwex) wrote,

Warren Ellis is really eloquent

I'll just leave this here:
[N]ow we spend our day surfing Soundcloud, switching between its automated recommendation algorithm and our own tumblings deep down the rabbit hole of known and unknown profiles. Occasionally you follow a link to outside domains, such as Instagram, Twitter and Bandcamp, only to get even more lost in high-pressure areas of social network weather.

It’s a rewarding and often riveting form of research, tuning the algorithms to refine your search results. In the end it all comes down to listening to a lot of music, formulating criteria on the fly. It’s all quite intuitive, and very social: you do not only listen to your own judgement, at the same time you inform it by listening to others too, either directly or by-proxy via the algorithms.

If you are not already subscribed and want his newsletter, it's called Orbital Operations and you can get it at orbitaloperations.com
Tags: music, warren ellis

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